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Famous tourists places in Dehradun in Uttarakhand

Dehradoon city lies on the foot of shivalik range of Himalaya which is related to The Ramayana & The Mahabharata. Dehradoon is the best city of Garhwal region. It is a good tourist place for travelling in hill city of kumaun & Garhwal region.

History and rulers of Mahoba in UP

Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh has long history and many rulers like Chandela kings, Prithviraj Chauhan, Maratha Rulers, Qutub-ud-din-aibak etc. and fighters like Aha-Udal are associated with it. Get to know the complete history and different rulers of Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh in this article.

Famous tourists places in Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Get information on famous tourists’ places in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh. There are many places to see in Mahoba which is famous for Chandela Rajput rulers and great fighters Alha Udal. Also see famous lakes like Vijaya Sagar, Kirat Sagar and Madan Sagar in Mhoba which are built 1000 years back.
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