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Laptop tablet distribution start date in Uttar Pradesh

When will free laptop and tablet computer distribution start in Uttar Pradesh? Start date of distribution of laptops and tablets to students in Uttar Pradesh is 15th November 2012. Configuration and features of laptops to be distributed in Uttar Pradesh.

Free laptops, tablets distribution in Uttar Pradesh for students

Free laptops and computer tablets will be distributed to students who pass high school and intermediate exam in Uttar Pradesh from UP Secondary Education Board, CBSE board, ICSE board etc. Who will get free laptops and tablets in UP? When will free laptops and tablets be distributed in Uttar Pradesh?

Laptops, tablets and unemployment dole to be distributed in UP

How to get laptops, tablets and unemployment dole given by UP government? Laptops and tablets will be given to students who pass class 10 and 12 respectively. Rs 30,000 to all Muslim girls who pass Class 10. Unemployment dole will be given to unemployed youths in Uttar Pradesh. Who will get Laptops, tablets and unemployment dole in Uttar Pradesh. When will laptop, unemployment dole distribution start?
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