Mohammedpur Umri : village of twins in Uttar Pradesh in Dhumanganj, Allahabad

Mohammedpur Umri is a village of twins in Dhumanganj area in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh. What is the reason for so many identical twins in Mohammedpur Umri in Allahabd, UP? How to reach village of twins in Uttar Pradesh? name of the village having maximum number of twin pairs.

Mohammedpur Umri in Allahabad have became famous overnight, ever since the story was reported in newspapers that Mohammedpur Umri : village of twins in Uttar Pradesh. Though, this village in Uttar Pradesh have not became the village the village of twins overnight, but its that more and more people have come to know about this recently.

Mohammedpur Umri : village of twins in Dhumanganj area in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh

Mohammedpur Umri twins village photoMohammedpur Umri which is popularly known as village of twins in UP, is located in Dhumanganj area In Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh. This village holds the record of highest number of twins born in a particular geographical area. You will be surprised to know that out of the total population of 6000 of this area more than 100 are identical twins. This is remarkable feat or co-incidence, what you say it. More astonishing is the fact that this number could have been 400 had there been a hospital in the area. Due to lack of proper hospital and other facilities, infant mortality rate is on a higher side.

Currently, Mohammedpur Umri, basic facilities like good hospitals and schools. It has just one school. We hope that after the popularity of this village increases due number of twins being born here, this village will soon get better infrastructural facilities. Many youths of this village migrate to nearby cities due to lack employment opportunities in the area. This village comprises 80 percent of Muslims and 20 percent Hindu population. But you can find the twin phenomenon in both the communities. Some very residents of this village recalls that this amazing trend started about 90 years back when there were about 3-4 twin pairs. But in the last 50 years this phenomenon have gone up quite remarkably. Like mentioned by us earlier, due to lack of proper medical facilities about 90 pairs of twins have died in last few years.

Reasons for so many identical twins in Mohammedpur Umri in Allahabd, UP

Local residents believe that this phenomenon is more due to local lifestyle and environment than with genes. But this has not kept many genetic researchers to visit the village to find out the reason behind this occurrence. A team of researchers from Hyderabad believe that the minerals in the groundwater of this village insecticides and pesticides used in this area can be the reason behind the birth of so many identical twins in Mohammedpur Umri village of Uttar Pradesh. This phenomenon is not restricted to human being only. Residents of this village say that here are also many cows in this village that have given birth to twin calves. You can come across many such stories where people have been confused due to twins. Even wives of this village are finding it difficult to clearly identify their husband. many wives have asked their husbands to dress in a particular manner so that they can differentiate them from their twin brother. People say that in one such incident, a set of twin brothers even switched places inside prison.


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