Uttar Pradesh from a tourist's eye.

There is a lot to tell about Uttar Pradesh. Our state is very rich geographically and our ancestors have ulitized the resources very wisely to create a good infrastructure. Sadly, generations were not able to conserve it but still we have a lot left with us.

Our state - Uttar Pradesh is blessed with so much to see and admire. The state is so rich in mesmerising blend of natural and man made creations. Right from the beautiful hills, rivers, landscapes, wildlife in the lap of nature to the amazing and marvellous man made architecture - the monuments, temples, and even modern era buildings. We have a lot to be proud of. Places like Dudhwa National Park, Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, Ranipur, Kishanpur etc. can give you thrills of wildlife adventure. The holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Saryu etc. are not only the lifeline of our state but also the cities on their banks are amongst the most visited tourist spots in the state. Moreover, they are of great religious eminence. On the other hand, the monuments of the mughal and british era in cities like Lucknow, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri etc. are just beyond comprehension. The amazing modern structures such as Ambedkar Park are though surrounded by a lot of controversies but still are architecturally rich.

Starting with the state capital - Lucknow, which is known for its rich culture and courtly manners. Lucknow was formerly known as Avadh and is still popularly known as the city of Nawabs. It is famous for its delicious mughlai cuisine, beautiful Chikankari (embroidery work) and marvellous architecture of ancient monuments. And off course not to forget its people and culture. The narrow streets of old Lucknow despite being conjusted and jam packed still have their charm intact. This city has a lot to share and show and make its citizens feel proud of it.

Let's talk about Agra. We all know that it is known across the globe for the unmatched structure of The Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is a diamond in mother India's crown. Its spotless marble, magnificant minarets and tomb are no less than a marvel. That's not all about Agra. The Agra fort speaks the glory of the mughal empire and prosperity of the city in that era. The mughal architecture, and the warm modern era city surrounding them is worth visiting.

When we talk about Agra, it's not possible to forget Fatehpur Sikri. This city was built by Mughal Emporer - Akbar. The red sandstone monuments and other constructions are an amazing fusion of Islamic, Rajasthani and Gujrati architecture. Buland Darwaza, Panch Mahal etc are just an amazing example of this blend. This city, situated on a hill top, is a beautiful masterpiece of art.

Mathura, birth place of Lord Krishna is an amazing city and popularly known as city of Gods. There are a lot of amazing temples and Buddhist monestaries in Mathura. It is a major pilgrimage of Hindus and also Buddhists. Not only this, 'Mathura ke pede' (a sweet) is world famous and loved by people of all ages.

Next place that I can think of, is Varanasi. It is known as the symbol of Hindu cultural movement and is an unmatched centre of learning and knowledge since thousands of years. Varanasi, also called Banaras or Kashi by many people, is the oldest living city in the world and has witnessed only few changes since its foundation. People from across the globe seek education from here about the Indian literature, culture and civilization. As per Hindu beliefs, those who take a dip in river Ganges in Kashi, their souls are purified from all the sins.

Allahabad is famous for the 'Sangam' - confluence of holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna and a mythical river Saraswati. It is also the most important place where Kumbh Mela(largest fair in India) is organised. Allahabad is also famous for Motilal Nehru Medical College and Technical Institute. Moreover, this city is known for being the home place of seven Prime Ministers of India. Most people visit the city to admire its architecture and to seek education from the world famous institutes in Allahabad.

Sarnath is the centre of Buddhist pilgrimages in India. Lord Buddha preached his first sermon in Sarnath. This city is also famous for its wonderful architecture most of which was built by King Ashoka. One of the most famous tourist spot in Sarnath that I can remember is Ashoka pillar. The sculpture of four lions on top of the Ashoka pillar is also India's national emblem.

Jhansi, when we think about this city the next thought that comes to mind is 'Jhansi ki Rani' - Rani Lakshmi Bai. This city is famous for its independence revolution against British rule which was led by Queen Lakshmi Bai. This city has witnessed a lot of blood shed during the 1st war of independence in 1857. Today, the monuments there, say that story.

Ayodhya is one of the oldest cities of India and is situated at the banks of river Saryu. It is the birthplace of Lord Rama - the seventh and most ideal incarnation of Lord Vishnu. There are a lot of beautiful temples in this city. Ayodhya is one of the seven most holy cities of India as per the Hindu believes. Though since past 20+ years this city is remembered for the Ram Janm Bhumi and Babri Masjid controversy but still the city is a good place to visit.

Vrindavan is a very beautiful and pleasing place for a short vacation. This amazing city is associated with the chilhood and youth years of Lord Krishna. The gardens here have many stories of 'Raasleela' to tell. If you want a break from your hectic daily routine and need a short peaceful vacation then this is the best place to visit.

Our state is a complete package in terms of culture, learning and adventure. If we, along with our government pay a little more attention towards protecting our heritage, promoting tourism and optimum (not maximum) utilization of our resources no doubt we will earn a lot of fame, praise and off course revenue from our state, for our state.


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