Famous tourists places in Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Get information on famous tourists’ places in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh. There are many places to see in Mahoba which is famous for Chandela Rajput rulers and great fighters Alha Udal. Also see famous lakes like Vijaya Sagar, Kirat Sagar and Madan Sagar in Mhoba which are built 1000 years back.

Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh is one of the towns which have a long history. Apart from being associated with Chandela Rajputs and famous fighters Alha-Udal, Mahoba has been under the rule of different dynasties. Of course it is best remembered for being associated with Chandela Rajputs who ruled Bundelkhand for long. Before Chandela Rajputs, Pratihara Kings ruled that region around Mahoba.

Famous places to see in Mahoba

If are planning to visit Mahoba and explore famous tourists places in Mahoba, then you are at right place. Infact there are many tourists' spots and some places of historical significance in and around Mahoba has numerous water reservoirs built by then Chandela rulers, which you can watch. It is important because those are one of the first water conservation schemes, initiated by any ruler in India. As you might know that Bundelkhand region doesn't gets that much rain. So it was a great initiative on part of aruler. The finest among these are Vijaya Sagar, Kirat Sagar and Madan Sagar in Mhoba.

The other tourists places Mahoba include famous 9th century Sun Temple built by Chandela King Rahila. This granite temple is one of the finest examples of early Pratihara architecture. Gokhar Hill is also a famous place, where Baba Gorakhnath took shelter along with his disciples. The site is frequently visited by the followers of Nath sect of Hinduism. Apart form all these there always stories of Alha and Udal to be heard, which are part of folklore are now. So here is some important information, if you want to visit Mahoba and see tourists' spots in and around Mahoba. The existence of the sacred 'Ram-Kund' and 'Seeta-Rasoi' cave at the Gokhar hill here are said to be monumental to the visit of Rama who widely treated this hilly region while in 14-year exile at Chitrakoot.

Location of Mahoba: In the Western Uttar Pradesh, India
Climate of Mahoba: Summer 43°C to 30°C, Winter 25 °C to 5 °C
Best time to visit Mahoba: October to March
Nearest Airport from Mahoba: Khajuraho Airport
Nearest Railway station from Mahoba: Mahoba Station
Language spoken in Mhoba: Hindi, Urdu and English
STD Code of Mahoba: +91-5281

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