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    Announcement for adsense API revenue sharing at HamaraUP

    Hello Friends,

    The Google AdSense API revenue sharing program no longer works in HamaraUP. Earlier the contributing members used to get 90% of the revenue earned from their pages.
    However there is solution to this problem. we will offer 100% revenue sharing to members who have achieved gold level and above. Just associate your adsense publisher ID in the link given below.

    HamaraUP adsense settings

    After providing your publisher ID there, post a response to thei article to let us know.
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    Hi Vimal,
    Sad news for all the contributors as they used to get the adsense revenue by Google. May be the HamaraUP webmaster will take care of it in the future so that this program can be enabled in the future and we can get the revenue share by the Google.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Hello Pawan,

    Yes this a sad news for some members, but for gold level members there is nothing to worry as they will continue to get 100% of the revenue generated form their pages.


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    Hello webmaster, may we use the hosted adsense account in or can we apply for adsense through this website. Please clarify the doubt.

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    Hello Amit,

    If you have an adsense account, you can associate you adsense account with this site and earn the adsense revenue form your articles. Also you can if you don't have adsense account you can get it from this site. But there are some rules some of which is that you can apply only after you have been member of this site for more than 6 months and have achieved at leat gold member level.


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