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    Role of BSP and SP in the coming days in Lok Sabha

    Lok Sabha session will be starting tomorrow which is supposed to be stormy in view of the happenings in the recent past. No confidence motion by Mamta Banerjee's party, if initiated, will change the scene on the opening day itself.

    In the backdrop of this the role of SP and BSP is quite crucial. Both have committed opposing the FDI move of the Government but both are providing the outside support to it. It would be quite interesting as to how both the parties are able to balance their roles during discussions including no confidence motion, if and when put to vote.

    Do you think both the parties will be able to finally choose between defending the government in the Parliament or quitting their support on crucial issues like FDI?
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    Hello Sir,

    It is very difficult to guess what bahujan samaj party and Samajwadi Party will do in the upcoming sessions of Lok sabha. These parties have history of being unpredictable. But indeed they look for their good first of everything. So we can hope that they will continue to support the government. However some behind the scene negotiations must happen between congress and BSP and SP to for them to continue supporting the government.


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    Hi Sukhdev,
    As per your view regarding the upcoming lok sabha election and the influence of the UP government parties will be more as compare to other state governments. As the UP has biggest MP's so it will be most influenced party in the upcoming elections.
    But still we have the time to see the actual scenario where these political parties will combine with the Congress or they will have the third front in the elections.

    Pawan Awasthi

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