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    The impact of Faizabd communal riots on Muslim support to Samajwadi Party

    It is a known fact that Samajwadi Party got support of Muslim votes to make a convincing win during the State Elections held early this year. Even traditionally Mulayam Singh has been getting support of Muslim voters in earlier elections also. Recently, communal riots took place in Faizabd. This has resulted in criticism of the Akhilesh's government. So much so that some leaders have spoken about security and safety of minorities in governments with big majority. Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid has advised the Muslim voters to reconsider their decision. This has happened in spite the fact that the Samajwadi Party had support of Bukhari in the last Assembly elections.

    Muslim voters normally support a party en mass. Do you think that this tragic happening at Faizabad may create problems for the SP in the coming Lok Sabha Elections?
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    Hello Sukhdev Sir,

    I don't think Faizabad communal riots will have a big effect on fortunes of Samajwadi Party unless and until Lok sabha election happens within next few months. Because I think memory of voters is not long enough to remember such things In coming 12-18 months something bigger might happen which will distract the attention of voters from Faizabad communal riots in Uttar Pradesh. However I personally feel that rather than the whole community making a decision, the person should vote for himself and the candidate who will work in his/her constituency.


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