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    Wisdom in issuing the second list of candidates by Samajwadi Party

    Keeping the debate on early General Elections, the Samajwadi Party has issued yet another list of eight candidates, in addition to the list of 55 issued earlier. The action of SP to issue such list of candidates so early has already triggered the debate on the issue of early elections.

    SP has spared Rae Barely and Amethi and this gesture continues even up til second list. Earlier another spokesperson of SP said that they were planning to name candidates for these two constituencies as well. What should public read in these actions of SP. Do they have a soft corner for Sonia Gandhi and her family members or it is a politics of give and take?
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    Hello Sukhdev sir,

    A very nice reading between the lines by you. I my opinion Samajawadi Party doesn't have any soft corner for Sonia Gandhi and family, but it is politics of give and take. It is so common in Indian politics. However issue of second list of candidates have seriously raised the concerns that whether the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 is going to happen in next few months.


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