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    Fake schools in Uttar Pradesh impacting education in the state

    UP Madhyamik Shikshak Sangh has recently estimated that there are more than 50,000 fake schools in the state out which 2000 are in Lucknow alone. This India report is rather disturbing in view of the fact that fake schools normally do not have requisite infrastructure and as a result the quality of education suffers adversely. It is rather surprising to know that a school can run like this without finding a place in the records of education authorities. And the Education Department does not have any control or authority to inspect these schools as they are not enrolled with them.

    It is a very pathetic state of affairs and it is like playing with the future of young citizens of U.P. Do we have any solution to this?
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    Hello Sukhdev Sir,

    It is indeed a very sad thing that such fake schools are running in Uttar Pradesh. It is the responsibility of both parents and government to protect our young children from taking admission in such schools. Parents should inquire about the schools before admitting their children in them. Similarly Government should also look that such schools are closed.


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