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    Abrupt end of the story from Rags to Riches - Ponty Chadha

    We have all heard about the sad end of a person who remained in news mainly in Uttar Pradesh. Till about 40 years of age Ponty Chadha, a physically challenged person, was selling only snacks along with his father near a liquor shop. It is difficult to believe that he could raise an empire valued Rs. 6000 crores in may be not more than two decades. And it was all a diversified business ranging from distilleries to sugar and paper mills, multiplexes, real estate, poultry and others apart from his monopoly on liquor trade in U.P. So much so that he even produced a film 'Jo Bole so Nihaal'.

    But it all ended so abruptly. It is this property only which took him away along with his brother when they had a fight.

    Do we draw any lessons from this story?
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    Hello Sukhdev sir,

    Definitely there is lot to learn from the story of Ponty Chadda. But the saddest part is that even after amassing such a huge wealth there was not peace in the family. Only god knows what happened between these 2 brothers, but it is indeed a sad ending of Rags to Riches story.


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