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    Is naming candidates for Lok Sabha election by SP indicative of early General Elections?

    Samajwadi Party has issued a list of 55 candidates for next Lok Sabha Elections. There is a reaction that the SP leader has named too many candidates from his own clan. More than that the early declaration of list is indicative of some urgency in the mind of SP Supremo. Others also feel that the actions of Congress Party during the past two weeks also suggests some sort of preparation for General Elections.

    Apart from the fact that early naming candidates provides them an opportunity to create ground to plan strategies for their fight, do you feel that the action of Samajwadi Party at this point of time is suggestive of possibility of early General Elections?
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    Hello Sukhdev sir,

    A nice observation. I also feel the same that declaring the name of canidtates for 2014 Loka Sabbha elections which is still about 15-18 months away is indicative of something. Probably the early elections. If this is the case, this is nice move by Samajwadi Party to release the candidates' list for 2014 Lok sabha elections. We have compiled some of the names from the list of 55 candidates and you can see the samajwadi Party Lok sabha elections list here.


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