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    2014 General Elections and BJP's manouverings

    No body is a permanent enemy in politics. BJP is bent upon proving it well in advance for the coming General Elections 2014. In order to attract votes of backward classes in U.P. it has reversed his earlier decision. BJP is about to take back Kalyan Singh in its fold. Being a popular Lodh leader, BJP thinks it would be a good opportunity to grab backward votes and it s high time to plan for it. In addition, the Party has planned six 'Backward Class' conventions in the coming months. Their effort is to help backward classes to recognise their identity and value in the caste-ridden state like U.P.

    Do you think this effort of BJP planned well in advance is likely to bear fruit for BJP?
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    Hello Sukhdev sir,

    You are absolutely right. As it is said in political circles that in politics nobody is permanent enemy or no body is permanent friend. What is sad about this case is the motive behind welcoming Kalyan singh back to BJP. The need of the hour is to do the politics of development but these political parties are still doing the politics of caste. And we the voters are also fool that we are letting them do that.


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    Hi Sukhdev sir,
    I agree with you in the politics no body is friend and no body is permanent enemy. I have no more idea about the politics and nature of politicians I think this is the an election strategy of BJP to take back Kalyan Singh in the camp. Its seems to grab some backward classes votes for BJP in UP. But as per my point of view the BJP is better than the other party what I seen in present scenario and the situation as on national level.

    Kunal Singh

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