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    Will Mulayam's attempt of rapprochement with Amar help him fulfill his ambitions to be PM?

    It is reported that Mulayam Singh is attempting a rapprochement with his one time very close political friend Amar Singh. Today's submission of closure report to the District Court submitted by the UP Police on the grounds of insufficient evidence against Amar Singh in the three year old fraud and embezzlement case against him is the first indicator of this attempt by Mulayam Singh.

    Mulayam Singh is preparing ground for himself as a candidate for Prime Minister-ship in the 2014 elections. Do you think rapprochement with Amar Singh will help Mulayam Singh to fulfill his dream?
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    Hello Sukhdev sir,

    Its good to see you back after so many months. In my personal opinion, Mulayam singh yadav may reap some benefits out of this rapproachment with Amar Singh. However I don't see him reaching his goal of being a prime ministre of India.


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    @ All,
    I think Mulayam singh yadav is not good for the national politics, because they will produces the crinimical activities and the religious war. In Mulayam singh yadav party there are more than 80% of MLA and MP's are involve in criminal activities .
    This is my opinion is that if Mulayam singh yadav is become PM in 2013 then he made the dictatorship in the country.

    Kunal Singh

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