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    Akhilesh Yadav, the new face of U.P. - How will it affect our state's progress?

    The new CM of UP - Akhilesh Yadav is a known face in politics but brand new for the position. He is not much experienced but has his elders to support him. Will he be a ray of hope for our state's progress and development or will he prove to be another typical politician who attains position to exploit the nation?
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    Hello Nagma,

    Since Samajwadi party have received a clear majority in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, I hope people of Uttar Pradesh are aware of what they are doing. Yes Akhilesh Yadav being a young and educated politician provide aray of hope that he will work for development of Uttar Pradesh. This is golden opportunity for him to grab the opportunity with both hands and show the world thet UP is ready to move on path of development.


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    Hai Naghma,
    I would say that yes, if the people like the Samajwadi Party then only the party is in majority in the power and they did lot of promises to the people during the elsection campaign so definitely they will also think to fulfill those promises.
    Else they already know about the result of BSP in the current election and if the Mulayam Singh is thinking about the PM chair then the UP will be in the main contribution.
    So by keeping all those thigs in to consideration, i would say that yes there will be some progress. If they will not be able to fulfill all the promises, at least they will do something.
    Also as the Akhilesh is new leader, so may also think as the new blood and with the new trend of politics in the UP.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Under the prevailing circumstances in the country when the public has suddenly become conscious of their rights and have voted SP to power on development plank, Akhilesh is going to perform. Being young he has ambitions and backing of his quite experienced father. He will act wisely and will prove to be a better C.M.

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