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    Is EVM become the most effective weapon in democracy

    EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) was first used in Kerala assembly elections in 1982. EVM designed by two major public sector firms Bharat Electronics Limited Banglore and Electronic Corporation of India Limited Hyedrabad. EVM keep election spendiature under control due to non use of vallot paper,ink,vallot box and other equipments. It also make voting easiar and prevent wogus voting. It also keep election data alive upto 10 years.
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    Hai Anurag,
    I agree that EVM (Electronic Voting Machine)plays a very big role in the elections. there are many advantages like fake votes.
    Also it takes very less time to count the number of votes for the parties.
    the counting error is none as it is electronic item. becasue most of time if the two party candidates are having very less differences in votes, they can go with recounting and do some thing to win. so these kind of error and frauds are negligible if the machine is used for the voting.
    But still there are many villages where the EVM is not available. So still there is the chances of fraud at the polling booth.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Hello Anurag and Pawan,

    Yes Indeed Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs as we call them have many advantages over general paper and Balllot voting. Though both of you suggested some very good points but you peole missed out on one very important aspect of EVMs. It helps in keeps our Earth Green. How? To make paper for voting Trees have to be cut because papers are made of Tress. Since paper is no more used. Tress will not have to be cut. EVMs helps in keeps our Earth Green


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