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    Discuss: Do you support division of UP?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you support division of UP?'.

    I support the division of Uttarpradesh because without division of UP development is not possible. After division, the fund is used separately in all district which is sent by central Government & state Government. Every district would be developed. So
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    Hai Pradeep,

    Do you think that division is the only way of development. I am personally not agree with that. If you remember since last year to this year they got around 3 times more money sanctioned for the development. But you can see what has happened to that money.
    Can you see any development anywhere?
    So if they divide the UP then also the same thing...all the political leaders will fill their pockets and nothing will come for the development.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Hello Pradip,

    I think division is not the proper solution for development of Uttar Pradesh. You might be aware that Jharkhand wsa divided form Bihar 10-12 years back. However you can see for yourself in which direction Jharkhand is moving and in which direction Bihar is moving. development of state or nation is not completely dependent on size but the political will power of the government and also the attitude of people to work for development and to vote such a candidate which will work for the development rather than voting a candidate just based on his caste.


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    Yes i also support division of Uttar Pradesh into smaller states because not only its big area but also large population became a big breaker in the development of state. Uttar Pradesh i think have highest diversity in context of castism,regional probloms,lack of policies. I think no one policy is applicable equally in all parts of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh also have bad luck that in spite of giving too many Prime Minister,great thinkers and protestians but this state is still remain undeveloped. The trade in the state is highly ,badly affected by govt.policies as well as by near by states.

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