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    Crorepati candidates but never filled income tax return

    In Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2012 many candidates are crorepati but never filled income tax return. These types of candidates are 34% while thoes not have PAN cards are 14%. Election watch watches the returns of 284 candidates out of 867 candidates of first phase. Out of all 96 candidates never filled income tax return. Out of 96 candidates,9 of total 55 are of Bahujan Samaj Party,19 of total 55 of Samajbadi Party,21 of total 54 of Congress,17 of total 42 of Pees Party,13 of total 20 of Janta Dal United candidates not filled income tax return .
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    Hello Anurag,

    It is very sad that such candidates are allowed to contest elections who don't fill their income tax returns. Even sadder in the case where the candidates don't have a PAN card.


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    Hai Anurag,

    Yes it's really sad that big rats are out of the custody while small rats like us are in.
    The government does not think about the tax for those who are having lot of money which is illegal and whatever white money they have, they are not paying the tax. Also at the same time, they catch the people whose earning is less to force them to play the tax.
    There are many villagers, the government also catching them now a days if their income is crossing some amount then how can they develop??

    Pawan Awasthi

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