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    Is all political parties remain silent on the topic of division of state into smallerstate

    On 21st November whem BSP government passed the resolution of division of state into four smalles states in Uttar Pradesh assembly it seems that state division become the main political agenda. But this issue not seen in the manifesto and campaigning of political parties. Bundelkhand Congress try to highlight this issue. State division is not new issue but it is fire up just after the independence. But just after two month the situation is now changed. The political fever in state is high and all party star campaigners are now in bettle field. But neither rulling party nor opposition try to lift this issue.
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    Hai Anurag,

    I agree with your statements as now a days every political party is thinking that how they can get more votes as compare to others. How their candidate can win...what kind of false they need to say to attract the voters. No one care about all the other things.
    Like you are talking about the state division by the current government, no political party came to the front that why the division is needed. Is is the correct time to divide the state?? how much loss to country will bare after the division? no one came with all these questions.. all are silent because if they will com-up with those issue, they might get loss in the votes.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Hello Pawan and Anurag,

    According to me division is not the solution. You may feel that division of Uttar Pradesh will solve all your problems, but that is far from true. Take the case of Jharkhand for example. Jharkhand wanted separation from Bihar stating that Bihar is looting the resources in Jharkhand. Now after separation, you can see for yourself in which direction Bihar is going and in which direction Jharkhand is going.

    So what we need here is the political will to work for development of Uttar Pradesh, rather than dividing Uttar Pradesh into smaller states. Even after division of UP, the same corrupt politicians will be there to rule us, unless we choose a party with development of UP as its main objective.


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    Hello Anurag,

    Though this is not the right place but I want to tell you one more thing. Please do spelling check before you post your articles. For this you can write your article in MSword and then copy it here. In MSword spelling mistakes will automatically get corrected. Though I have corrected some of the mistakes in your article about Amethee seat, however there are still many mistakes. I have left them so that you can see for yourself that,what mistakes have you made and how can you correct them.

    Also I would like to tell you one more thing that in heading, there should not be any full stop. You have shown improvement and I am proud of you. Keep up the good work.


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