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    Discuss: Is the entry of Uma Bharti in Uttar Pradesh politics change the fate of BJP in UP assebly

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Is the entry of Uma Bharti in Uttar Pradesh politics change the fate of BJP in UP assebly polls 2012.'.
    BJP national presiden Nitin Gadkari declare the candidature of Uma Bharti. Uma Bharti contest from Charkari assembly seat of Mahoba district of Bundelkhand.
    Uma Bharti former cheif minister of Madhya Pradesh belongs to Lodh community of OBC which is about 9 to 10% in Uttar Pradesh.After Kalyan Singh BJP lost their grip over OBC votes .By Uma Bharti BJP want to gain the votes of OBC.Uma Bharti Lodh community is in deciding position in 65 to 75 seats.
    Congress Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi focussed on Bundelkhand can damage by entry of Uma Bharti. So Rahul Gandhi saying that she was thrown out of Madhya Pradesh and Where was UMA when Bundelkhand need her.
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    Hai Anurag,

    In my view, entering of Uma Bharti will not make more effect as in UP, most of the voters voes for the candidate of their own cat.
    so in UP castism is the main issue and they are not much aware of the other politicians who are from other part of the country. They only know about the candidate of their own cast.
    So i don't think so that it will affect much or the BJP will get more gain in the votes.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Hello All,

    In my personal opinion it is sad that only caste of religion of candfidate is given importance in Uttar Pradesh elections and development is always neglected. Today the time has come when we need to vote for candidates or parties whose main agenda in development of Uttar Pradesh.


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