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    Is the threat of European recession can become the challenge to India.

    Standards and Poors a glowal credit rating agency fears the threat of recession by downgreaded the rating of nine countries of Eurozone.In fact US economy recovers from recession while country economy pink picture shown to us.But regular falling conditions of Europe shows the sign of tough challeges over economy.The conditions going to be critical even after the IMF steps to recover Eurozone shows that the steps are not enough.It was said by analyst since begening that Eurozone countries have major difference in their economic rivary and no tough steps to be taken to solve it.After initiation of debit probloms countries cut off their expences but it adversely affect their earning,employment .
    Euro along with European stock markets fall sharply after downgreading of ratings.Downgreading of cradit rating of Europe 2nd largest economy France become a tough challenge to President Nicolas Sarcojji.Downgreading of Eurozone rating can create some useful apportunities like Petrolium products become cheap due to asiding of bull from crude oil market and foreign investors can also move toward India.But we can not ignore its harms like it can decrese our European export which is 19% of our total export.It also adversely affect our tourism and aviation business.
    So our Policy makers remain alert and try to increase economy by taking appropriate decisions.
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    Hai Anurag,

    Good post regarding the recession in the European countries as well as in western countries.
    In my opinion, it will surely affect our countries mainly in the IT sector because the IT sector is most dependent sector on these countries.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Hello Anurag,

    I would like to say that please discuss topics whichg are related to Uttar Pradesh. We want to specialise on topics related to UP. You can discuss this topic of economic slowdown with respect to Uttar Pradesh,


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