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    Team Anna Plans to Campaign in UP from Feb 3

    Finally the news is out and Team Anna is going to start their campaign in Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2012 from Feb 3 starting from Faizabad.

    Arvind Kerjriwal and Kiran Bedi will attended the meeting at Faizabad. They have decided to showcase the bad face of Indian democracy and how political parties have got together to destroy it.

    The most important during the campaign will also be the corruption and also let people know about it. This was mentioned by Gopal Verma who is member of IAC.

    As decided earlier that Anna Hazare will not be part of any campaign for any of the 5 election states due to ill health and on doctors advice. India Against Corruption has already started spreading the word across and also started collection information on each candidate who is contesting for the election for each party.

    Due political drama that has taken place against Team Anna, the team has decided to drive voter awareness program then do an anti campaign against any of the parties. Let the citizens know, about the person they are planning to vote and go for the right candidate.
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    Hai Nitin,

    Thanks for the Post for the Information related to the Team Anna and the Corruption.
    I would say, it can affect the current elections which are going to start from Feb 8th.
    So all political parties might be worrying about this campaign and they probably will try to protest it.

    Also Its good to know that they are deciding to drive the voter awareness program because vote is very important for each of us and we should go for it. its our right to give vote to they right person. So that after win the election, they can do some better for all of us.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Hi Nitin this is good news that team Anna finally came to the decision about campaigning in forthcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.It will be intresting to see the reaction of political parties and people.But the success of their campaign now become suspecious because at one side we said that all should vote but the attitude of all political parties about Lokpal Bill is not clear.All saw that all political parties become united and show a drama in their speech but when time came they do as they want.Team Anna also clearified that they are not going to support any political party and also not opposes any one.Then how the voters can justified that which one is good for them and for which they going to vote.Anna Team also lack their icon face Anna Hazare so it will be intresting to see that in absence of Anna what impression they left.I think all political parties some how succeed to turn the election away from Lokpal Bill by attacking each other over different issues.They spread the cast poison and in such time gap people attached with candidates and political parties.Geography of Uttar Pradesh is also a major breaker in the path of Team Anna because i think in the time left it is impossible to reach the internal rural areas where most of population live.These areas still away from IT revolution and lack the resources like TV.This part of our community is lack of education and require much attantion because no revolution succeed without their participation.

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    Hello All,

    This is very healthy discussion. Keep up this type of discussion related to various topics related to Uttar Pradesh. A detailed analysis on any topic related to Uttar Pradesh can also be posted in resource section.


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