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    Is all political parties and anna team serious about LOKPAL BILL

    Dear readers this is the most important question for the population of india
    From last two months all news channels political parties and anna team use LOKPAL BILL as a most firing topic to gain importance
    In today parliament session BJP JDU SP CPI CPM BSP political parties opposes the bill presented by govt on the floor on different topics along with team anna
    Lalu yadav says that this bill introduced in the pressure of anna while Mulayam Singh Yadav fearing from an inspector Bjp opposes that PM should be in the lokpal area group c and d employee should be in area of lokpal CBI should be an independent body these are the common issues also raised by CPI CPM AND BSP ALSO
    In all over the happning my personal views are following
    Team anna project the issue of corruption and lokpal bill is incredible and appreciated by all But they applied pressure of passing the bill in current parliament session is not good and nonserious in my view because the lokpal bill is not only a law but also require some constitutional changes Before introducing it we should also focus over its positive and negative aspects It is also keep in mind that we are providing power to an anather system which also not used this power to hold the democrative power of our country as did by army in many times in past in our neighbouring country PAKISTAN So forming of this type of bill require long time and long discussion so that it could not become a horribly mistake Team anna should focus on all that issues in wellfare of the population of country because all love you to much it was prove by participation of large crowed in your protest
    2 RJD supremo Lalu ji and SP supremo Mulayam ji also show their non seriousness by saying that this bill is introduced in the fear of team anna and it provide a power to an inspector of local police thana that he can take action against politician directly Both they should clearly shows that they fear by this bill because both held govt in past which had corruption charges that can be again reexamined
    3 As far as the CBI concern i think parties should focus over increasing menpower and technology and giving him more power to it as independent body as FBI in us CBI centers at state level should spread at district level so that it become more effective So the question of keeping CBI under lokpal is not a solution because FBI in us is worlds most powerful agency even under the us government not an independent body
    4 BJP CPI CPM BSP using this issue and anna hazare to shine their politics and defeating their rival parties and trying to show that we are the only parties serious about lokpal But their state govt are in serious charges of corruption as most of ministers of bsp govt are under the inspection of lokayukt and some of them also lost their seats BJP govt in karnatak also even not fully came up from Bellary mining scandal and their cm also in jail So these parties also known that any law or constitutional acts can be changed at any time if they appeares wrong so their oppose to present lokpal bill is in fact more political drama not their seriousness
    5 Congress itself knows the presented bill is not according to the anna team bill and the suggestions giving by all parties So they knows that this bill is not passed in present condition and he say to the public that we are presented the bill to remove corruption but other parties do not want lokpal bill so Congress throw the ball towards other parties to get votes in the forth coming assembly elections Congress is the party which leads the country most since independence so he also knows that this type of bill not able to form in such quick time but they want political milage so they show their non seriousness by presenting the noneffecting Lokpal bill
    By following facts and we are the largest democracy of world and we are also appreciated by most of the world due to our democratic system Any law we produced should not affect our democratic system and also no one should be higher than parliament because it is the only system which is appointed by us and also govern by us not elected by any entrance examination and also not govern by govt so it is our responsibility that we should vote for right person
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    Hai Anurag,

    I think only the Anna and his team is more serious about the Lokpal bill.
    all other parties which are with Anna are just in concern of Votes they can get through and who are against Anna are with Congress so they cant speak against them.
    As you will see the other parties- like even BJP, SP, BSP and all are also saying that Anna is good for the Anti corruption and this Lokpal bill should be implemented in this winter season only.
    becasue at the same time they are looking out the coming election to get more and more votes.
    so i would say no one else is serious except Anna & company.

    Pawan Awasthi

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