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    Brain teaser: A challenge for you

    A boy with a fox, a chicken and a bag of wheat wanted to cross a river. He could take only one animal or object at a time. The fox would eat the chicken if they were left together, but if the boy took the fox first, the chicken would eat the wheat.
    How will the boy get all three safely across?
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    Hello Dr. Ajay let me try this,

    First, the boy will take chicken at the other side of river, then he will take fox with him and come back with chicken, then he will take wheat bag and leave the chicken and cross the river and at last he will take chicken.

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    The solution is as follows:

    The boy will take chicken with him and leave it on the other side of the river, then he will come back alone and take fox with him to other side and bring back hen with him. Now he will take wheat with him and leave it on other side of the river and come back alone. And in his last trip, he will take the hen with him.


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