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    Robotic bear has been made to stop you from snoring

    Research group from japan built a bear that works as a pillow with a built in microphone which detect love snoring, which then reaches out with its paw to turn the poorer's head sideways.
    The robot has given one more hand which senses the blood oxygen level and pulse rate, If it drops to certain level, the robot turns the head to one side. This robot is in the form of pillow and the sensors bellow the bedsheet.
    Members wait, it has not hit the market yet so we have to wait for few more years.
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    Hai Ajay,

    Its good news for the rich people who can afford that. By the way good to share the new research related stuff.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Snoring is very common. It creates problems for the partner sleeping by the side of the snorer and it can even be life threatening in view of the fact that it may amount to temporary cessation of breathing (apnea). It is good that a robotic solution has been tried. Change in position helps the person to come out of this. It is a matter of time now that it will be available in the market. It won't be luxury in the coming years in view of the benefits that both the snoring person and others in the family will be experiencing.

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