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    Medical advances: Now you can be your own donar

    Paris scientist have developed a new technique of blood transfusion. In this search cultured RBC created from human Hematopoietic stem cells have been injected back into a human donar for the first time.
    This provide hopes that in future patients who require a blood transfusion might become their own donar.
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    Hello Dr. Ajay,

    A very nice information provided by you related to breakthrough in blood transfusion. However this information could have been more informative if you have provided this information in relation to Uttar Prdaesh, for example, best blood trnsfusion centers in Uttar Pradesh etc. I am telling this because this site is related to Uttar Pradesh.


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    Hai Ajay,

    Good to read your post from the researchers.By this research, lot of patients who have less RBC can get benefited by the transfusion technique.

    Pawan Awasthi

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    Good to know information. This is a revolution in medical science and will help to cure a lot of blood diseases in future.



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    Thanks Dr Ajay ji for providing information and for those working on this extra ordinary project. I think stem cells only cells of human body have the power of division whole life and genetic engineering can become the revolutionary work. These discoveries take the medical science ahead of their limits and helpful in the development of lost or damaged organs inside the human body. It also increase the average life of human being. All the best for scientists for their next projects.

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