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    I am trying my best to work in HamaraUP.

    Well I know that no one is there to answer to this thread other than webmaster but I will like to share that my exams are over now and I am back again. I will be sharing many more thing about my city, Gorakhpur. I have also created a page on facebook so that more and more people join this site. I wonder that many more active members are not working here. May be because Revenue sharing has not been announced yet.
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    Hello Vikas,

    Yes your are right that there are not many active members here. But we have to change that collectively by writing good articles which will bring persons here via google search. And there rae chnaces thta if our sites constantly shows articles realeted to Uttar Pradesh in google search, many people will come to know about the site and will also start contributing.

    AS far as revenue share is concerned, when it was there till june, then also not many people use to contribute. I agree that everybody wants money. But it should be more like passion. By the way you are doing good work and continue the good work


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    Hello Vikas,

    Welcome back after the exams, You are right, it is very disappointing to see very less contribution.. I don't know why only few members are active in HUP and not most of the members are contributing. But don't loose hope, few active members like you can bring change.

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    Hello Vikas
    I was busy in exams too. But now i am back. I have published a few articles here and i will post many more. Well as we know that our website is getting very less response , so we can not sit back. We have to do something. Webmaster suggested a good idea. If you do not mind then can you add me in facebook. We will together promote this website on facebook. Teamwork can do anything. I have seen people getting huge number of fans in facebook pages. So we can run page and prmote site through facebook. More members will result in growth of website.

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    Hello All,
    A very good idea indeed. WE can certainly promote our website through facebook. We can also do one thing that we can like all the articles in hamaraUP and also do +1 for google. This will improve the page rankings.


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    Hai Vikash,

    Nice to hear from you about the Gorakhpur and hope that you will get some good things from your city so that we all will get to know about other cities as well and similarly we can get more and more knowledge about other cities as well.

    Pawan Awasthi

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