Praveen Strikes For India at Lords

Praveen Kumar took his first five wicket haul in test cricket. he got the wickets of Jonathan trott, Eion morgan, Stuart Broad Matthew prior and Ian bell. he shown he is a genuine swing bowlerPraveen kept resisting, though. He did that first by removing the immovable object, Jonathan Trott, with a perfect inswinger at the start of his second spell today. Trott added only 12 to his overnight 58. While bowling to his former IPL captain, Praveen provided the contest of the day. Pietersen kept moving across, Praveen kept bowling the odd leg-side yorker, trying to get him behind his legs. He even called a leg slip in, and Pietersen flicked straight to that man, only for the ball to fall inches short. He was on 49 then. Praveen couldn't go on forever, and after that testing spell of 6-2-7-1, Pietersen resumed his domination. he swung the ball both ways and that was pleasant to watch. Kevin Peterson's double hundred was another interesting thing to look at in this special test match. The way Pietersen is seen at home and by outsiders is a bit like VVS Laxman in his earlier years. When Laxman struggled to make it to the Indian team, the Australians could never figure out why. While Pietersen might be a bit of an individualist with eccentricities that don't always make him endearing, the rest of the world just can't figure out the scrutiny the English public and media put him through.