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    Please start resource contest

    I want to ask, why there is no resource contest on Hamaraup. Members will get more interest in posting resources if they will get chance to win and to show their talent. It will also help the website in getting better rank as the resource will increase. I am seeing that members are not taking interest. So, I think that contest will motivate the members.


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    good suggestion.
    I too recommend the same.

    "Success is Journey Not Destination"
    "Sail the boat of Success"

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    Hello all,
    Great thought. I also recomment the same. This will also encourage new members to write resources. This is one of the reason why only few members are contributing that no contests are going on here.

    Let us hope for the good.

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    Hello Ankit,

    I think you are mistaken. Currently we have revenue sharing program going on through which you can earn upto 50% of the site revenue which is far more than the points or cash credits earned through any contest.


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    hello sir,
    I agree with you. But I don't think that this site earns a large revenue to share. It's monthly revenue would be harly Rs 500- 600.
    This is so because it does not have enough members.

    So again to earn revenue, there should be members and members will only afford to contribute their time to this site only when they will see their benefit. This is what I wanted to convey.

    Ultimately, there is a need of some catchy and attractive policies that could attract members so as to successfully run this site.

    I hope you would not take it in a negative sense.

    Ankit Sharma

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    Hello Ankit,

    There are several points which I want to address here.
    1)This is not a "become a millionaire overnight job". It like any other genuine job where you have to devote time to earn something.

    2)You think that earning of this site is not that much. Let me tell HamaraUP this month's earning is Rs. 2140. out of which we are sharing Rs. 1040. I think Rs. 1040 is not a small amount. Out of this Rs. 1040 Rs. 683 remained unshared, you could have been your's or anybody's.

    3)It is not that you only benefit form sites's revenue share program. If you have an adsense account you also earn in dollars through, if you write good article that bring traffic. Even if you don't have adsense account, your good articles will help you getting an adsense account, through which you can earn in future. It like sowing a seed to reap the benefits in future.

    4)Also if you like to take the analogy of business, it will also work here. For example when you start a new business, you don't get profit from the very first day. First you have to invest. Profits come pouring there after.

    I hope my points might have made some things clear. Hoping to see active contribution from you in coming days.


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