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    About polls

    With humble request to all editors and web master, I want to tell you some thing which I find is not good at all for this site.
    What is happening here, I am not understanding. Nothing is going on in a proper way.
    For example consider Polls submission: Polls submitted on 14 march, 15 march and 21 march are not viewed yet for approval.(See the link below)

    The cause of taking polls have already been finished, but polls are viewed yet. There can be nothing worse situation than this.
    I know sir my words are harsh but they are true. This site is not working in a proper manner.
    If this will continue to happen, no member is coming to join this site.

    Again sorry for my words. Hope you would take these words in a positive way and will make necessary administration.
    Ankit Sharma
    (Member HUP)
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    I totally agree with you. Editors are like pilots they can change the status of the site by active in the site.
    Narender Sharma
    A member of HUP and Editor of Uttarakhand Spider.

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    If polls are not approved i time then it becomes a mere waste. The eligible members who want cast their polls are denied as timely approval was not made. More over cricket polls are no more valid and these polls must be removed at once. I request the members to be active and also the webmaster to be active ever.
    A Member who does not belongs to UP but still contributes to this site on daily basis

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    Hello Mohan sir,
    After using this site for 1 week,
    I made a conclusion, this site is useless. As there are no active editors and nor the webmaster.
    They are very lazy and are not eligible to work.
    Thanks and regards,
    Ankit Sharma

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    Mr. Ankit Sharma,

    I am agree with you. There was no webmaster or editor active on this site. So It was taking more time in approving.

    Now I am available & looking for your contribution. Now your polls, resource etc. will not take more time in approving.

    Sudhir Shakya (Webmaster)

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    Thanks for your reply sir. It is the first time when a webmaster is replying.
    So sir as you are here now so I will make my active contribution to this site and make by best efforts to improve this site through my contents.

    I have a advice sir, If you are requiring editors, I can help you. I would definitely like to do work. I am online most of the time and also I have good English skills. So it will be a great opportunity for me to work as a editor in HUP.

    Thanks and regards,
    Ankit Sharma
    (Member HUP)

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    Mr. Ankit Sharma

    Contribute regularly on this site & prove your ability. You can become one of the editor of this site.

    Please do not post copied article in this site. Webmasters/Editors will not approve. Copied articles will be deleted.

    Sudhir Shakya (Webmaster)

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    Thanks sir, for your guidelines, I will remember this.
    I assure you I will be the most contributing member to this site.
    Yours faithfully,
    Ankit Sharma
    (Member HUP)

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