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    Do not Spam Site with copied content

    In recent activities on the site, I have found some of the members are putting copied content in different sections.

    Members here are requested please not to spam the site with copied content.

    To avoid any rejection of your post this is suitable you write your own post and do not copy paste in any of the section.

    Members please follow the rules to avoid your blockage from the particular section.
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    Hello Amit dont be such rude.

    You are very junior to me and i am here since 8 months.

    Never i had such bad remarks from webmasters.

    Who has spamed which images. Please come with details.

    You may be editor that does not mean you boss over us such easily.

    K Mohan

    A Member who does not belongs to UP but still contributes to this site on daily basis

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    Hi Amit,

    What is spam adjustly can you tell me. Images are never spam. Only words and keywords or sentences are spam. Please you should know all this things before being the editor. I was the editor of this website previously.

    With Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Thanks Prashant for coming to my rescue.

    I was even denied to post images here.

    My images are unnecessarily delated in the name of spam.

    Your know my way of work.

    K Mohan

    A Member who does not belongs to UP but still contributes to this site on daily basis

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    Hi K Mohan and Prashant,

    I have not taken the decision just alone. Whatever editing I do I confirm with webmasters and then Reject. Images which are related to UP only are allowed here and you must stick to only those. I have seen your images which are copied from other portals even the text in some images are copied. The way you post is good but if you are tricking then this is not good. You have come up with some images which are not related to any category or can not be posted. Personality photos, Politicians are not allowed, you might be aware of all these things.

    You know this becomes very hectic when you upload images in bulk and we have to move them to trash when looking the same image on another site. You very well know from where you have submitted your images. Still you have confusion then discuss with me at

    Amit Siwach

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    Hi amit,

    I am agree with you that if the text are same then it is spam. In fact i had not seen any images till now frankly speaking.

    1) Politicians from UP are allowed check other regional websites also.
    2) If any image is not related to any category. Then please add that particular category. It will really help for this website.

    I have seen other regional websites also. Where actor,actress etc images are approved. But there are not from that region. Still it is approved.

    Check out this regional website.

    This is the reason for which this website is still so back then any other regional website.

    Now tell me what you would like to say ?

    With Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    You might have submitted images on different sites. But if you think over repeating the same image once more onto our site then for me that is copied content and will not be allowed as Discussed with Webmasters.

    Frankly speaking I do not have any problem in approving those images but if I do that then my job is in risk. That is why I am asking to please upload original images and that should not be of copyright image. I have approved many images which are already there on the net but they throw some information about our state.

    So Please bear with us for copyright violation terms.

    Amit Siwach

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    Hi Amit,

    It is OK. If same text is appeared then deleted it. It is spam. But as you had posted your earlier reply that no politicians images will be approved. It means that we can't post politicians images who are from uttar pradesh.

    Copyright images are strickly not allowed. Its true.

    But what about the other regional sites ?
    There are approving the images of those persons. Who are not from that particular region.

    With Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    There is a confussion galore in this site.

    You are putting a break to a performer.

    Not a single paise i earned from here and still i want to contribute.

    If you find any mistake then send me a personal message to correct it.

    But what you are doing is keeping the images for long pending and rejecting in wholesome.

    I lost more than 800 points.

    I dont think all my images are spams or copied.

    K Mohan

    A Member who does not belongs to UP but still contributes to this site on daily basis

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    Dont you think images which are approved are really good and which are not published are not quite enough to adjust there on the portal.

    There is no confusion. You are just making this as issue. I have Discussed with webmaster against the post which are deleted and has no great keywords. After a discussion I have deleted those. I will forward you query to webmaster and they might be well able to convince against your rejected posts.

    This is me who also suffered deletion of post and I am not comparing this with anyone. If you have any image which you see that should be there on this portal please provide me link I will discuss and approve it.

    Amit Siwach

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