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    The HamaraUP - Chatroom for New Year !

    Hi Friends,
    How are you. Few days has to go, then after we celebrate New Year and the hot preparation of New Year is going on around your surroundings and also in your home.

    What are your plannings for New Year – what say ? You enjoy with your friendsno, noYou go for a picnic and enjoy the New Year. You have any other plannings in your minds ? I enjoy every New Year with my family.

    If you have some words to say on New Year or/and you would like to give any return or want to chat with any member of Biharspider, so please post your message(s) in this thread.

    Rules for Chatting :
    1. Please use @ before the name of a Particular members and underline whole tags using suitable HTML tag as written below.
    2. Please do not use any wrong or adult word, or photos, or any symbol. These are strictly prohibited.

    @Pankaj sir : How are u sir. Here we celebrate New Year. I give many-many returns on New Year. Please give your view on this Chatroom.

    @Andy : Happy New Year Andy. I have seen your good performance in Biharspider. I hope that you will contribute to this very new site in the same manner. Waiting for your quality contributions.

    @Prashant Sultania : I say Happy New Year to you. A special thanks for your good contributions and helping new members as well as me.

    @K. Mohan : Thanks for contributing to this site. We need your good contribution to make this site popular among members.

    @Prashant Kumar : Hi Prashant, where are you. I have not seen you on this site for many days. Please start contributing to this site as Member of the Week and member of Month are started. Happy New Year to you.

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    Hi Gautam,

    Thanks for New Year and same to you. Enjoy this new year with joy and happiness. And also with

    With Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Thanks Gautham for your nice posting.

    My name appeared in your mention
    for this i am overwhelmed.

    I try my best to offer suggessions
    and guide the new members.

    Lets everybody join and celebrate the
    New year 2010.

    K Mohan

    A Member who does not belongs to UP but still contributes to this site on daily basis

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    @ Prashant and K. Mohan
    Thanks for your reply and your alertness in this new site. I am very happy with your works and activeness. Keep posting and enjoy the new year 2010. Your contributions make this site popular among members.

    With Regards!
    Ashish Kumar Choudhary(Gautam)
    Active Member, hamaraUp

    Quote for Life:-"Everything Happens for the Good!"

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    @Gautam Jha,
    This is good thread to chat at one place. One suggestion for you, do not use any font or color HTML code manually in your posts to look it good. Only Gold members and above are allowed to use that and that they can do from their profile page.Even manual color HTML tag is not allowed for them also.
    This is because we want our each and every content to appear in Search Engine. So, If you will use unnecessary HTML tags in your response then Google may not index it fully.

    Pankaj Gupta
    Feel Free to Ask any Query in Forum Section.

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    @ Pankaj sir
    Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I will this suggestion in mind while working on this site.

    With Regards!
    Ashish Kumar Choudhary(Gautam)
    Active Member, hamaraUp

    Quote for Life:-"Everything Happens for the Good!"

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